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COMMUNITY COUNCILS are needed to represent Communities:

  Since the Local Council elections in May 2007 the number of Clydebank/Old Kilpatrick Council Wards have reduced from eleven to three. The elected West Dunbartonshire Councillors now have much larger areas, and people, to look after and represent.  It now becomes REALLY important that your community has a Community Council to act as that vital link between ALL residents, TENANTS AND OWNERS, and West Dunbartonshire Council.

What is a Community Council?
Community Councils are statutory non-political voluntary bodies appointed under the Local Government [Scotland] Act 1973.  Community Councillors are elected by their local residents, tenants & owners, to speak up for them and to represent their interests. They fulfil an important role, ascertaining, co-ordinating and expressing the views of all the local community, championing local causes and tackling issues of concern. An active Community Council is a vital line of communication between you and West Dunbartonshire Council, as well as Housing Associations, NHS and utility companies such as Scottish Power, Scottish Water, First ScotRail, BT and the like. Do not miss this excellent opportunity to play a vital role in influencing council and utility company decisions - which have a direct affect your community.  Without a Community Council representing you and your area….. this opportunity will be lost.

So, if you live in one of these areas and think that a Community Council is a good idea, then get together with other like minded neighbours and submit a requisition to the Council, signed by twenty locals who are on the electoral register, and request that one is formed. West Dunbartonshire Council is obliged under the Local Government [Scotland] Act, to begin the nomination process.

Those signing the requisition are not committing themselves to become Community Councillors – unless they want to. Those who DO want to, or know anyone else who lives in the area and would do a good job, then go through the simple nomination process An active Community Council should ideally have a minimum of nine to eleven Councillors, but the more the better.  If needed, others with special expertise may be co-opted onto the committee as and when necessary.

You can get the requisition form to start this process from your Council Offices. When completed send the requisition to the Head of Legal and Administrative Services, West Dunbartonshire Council, Council Offices, Garshake Road, Dumbarton G82 3PU.

What happens then?
When your Community Council is formed West Dunbartonshire Council award an annual grant to cover your running costs and expenses. You will have to meet a minimum of six times each year. Members of the public may also sit in on these meetings and bring up any community related problem such as dog fouling, parking and anti-social behaviour. Community Councils should pursue any issues that are important to their community directly with council departments and outside agencies.

I bet we’ll just be ignored…!
WDC is also obliged, under the Local Government [Scotland] Act 1973, to inform your Community Council of all planning applications in your area. Good Local Authorities also advise their Community Councils of licensing applications, planned road repairs, housing and other relevant issues. Community Council meetings are attended by the local WDC Councillors, Council Officers and the Community Police. All regard these meetings as a valuable information source and give regular reports to the meeting. You can request representatives from the utility companies to attend to clarify outstanding issues your community may have.

So, still interested in helping to set up a Community Council in your area?  Please contact Kate Coleman, the West Dunbartonshire Council Community  Council Liaison Officer,
01389 737 149 or
and visit West Dunbartonshire Councils website

Community Councils in West Dunbartonshire

Community Councils are there for the benefit of us all
Perhaps it’s time to GET INVOLVED!

The Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils 2016
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